My goals as your Birth Doula

As your Birth & Beyond Birth Doula,

I am in tune with all of your senses.

I see what you see, I hear what you hear, I smell what you smell, I taste what you taste, I feel what you feel.

I know the light is too bright for your dilating eyes, so I turn it off. I am sensitive to the fact that loud noises and crackling bags will cause a disruption in your concentration, so I whisper, encouraging others to do the same in your space. I know the exact spot on your hips to squeeze to relieve your stressed pelvis, and do so for however long you need. I don't wear any scents because I'm aware that perfumes and strong smells will break the serenity of your space. I know the moment you will need the cool distraction of some thin slices of ice to chew on, so I feed you some on a spoon.

And once I have checked in on all of your senses, we dance.

We move. We change position. I sway in perfect rhythm with your partner as we encompass you in a flawless ring of love & serenity. We shift effortlessly around your space & your pelvis responds, giving way to the path your baby is navigating through.

We are a team. I'm not there to replace your providers or your partner. I am there to serve you & to protect your space. I work for you and my soul purpose is to serve your every need.

bendy straws


You don't have to worry about a thing... just ride those waves as you are taken care of. I will spoon feed you ice chips, honey, small sips of water through a straw. I don't want you to lift a finger in my care.



I bring with me a bag of magic that instantly sets up a soothing, calm environment in ten minutes.



I know all of the massage techniques to comfort you during all of the phases of labor.  I establish communication with you so I know immediately if something isn't working in the moment. I will have tools packed that assist with the touch sense, such as cool washcloths or a hand fan. You will feel like a Goddess.



As soon as I walk into your birth space, I will match your mood. If you are in it, I will tip toe in quietly and I will help protect you from other disruptions. I will ensure your chosen playlist is playing.



Strong scents can be disruptive to your labor. I don't wear perfume and I use essential oils sparingly at your request only.



I will suggest different positions and movements as you roll through your labor. I work with your partner so you are supported physically and emotionally.