One Year

Last year at this time, you were waking up to a good day. The nights were long and things were getting tough but on this day, you were given a break. You got up, sat in your chair, you even cheerfully responded to Uncle Russell with ‘Good Morning’. 

And then it turned into the worst day of our lives. Without fair warning, you passed onto become our angel. The day, the sky, the phone call… The scream, the tears, the sorrow… the day we will never forget. 

 So much has happened since you left. 

But I know you are still here to see it. The signs are sometimes overwhelming. That day I had my sleeves rolled up and was cleaning the house top to bottom, I would wipe down a counter, turn around and back, and there would be a penny right there where I had just wiped. Then as I had just picked up a bunch of toys and put them in their place, I noticed my hand clenched still. I opened it to reveal another penny. You had always appreciated hard work. 

The kids talk about you daily. Elsie most of all.  She keeps your picture close. She reads your book. I hope we are doing a good job keeping your memory alive. It’s my greatest fear. 

I said there would come a day when the recordings we have of your voice will seem artificial and we would long for the real thing. Well, that day is here. What we wouldn’t give for another word, another bit of sass, another one of wisdom, another day… Another minute. 

Forever in our hearts, Grandpa Barry. ✨

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