Gratitude… Mama… it's there.

Today, I am sending all of my gratitude to all of you.

Years and years… And years ago, I used to go to the gym. This was before boyfriend now husband and before kids. I went every. single. day. I even went one year on Valentine’s Day. I was the only person there. Every day, I would lug myself in after work and scan my little keychain and get to work. Just once, I wanted to scan my card and have someone come out and shake my hand. Someone notice that I was so loyal to this task of going to the gym daily.
Never happened.
Now, here I am, 10 years down the line and juggling all sorts of things. I no longer make it to the gym anymore but I have 3 beautiful children and 1 handsome husband. I’ve replaced that time at the gym for a few more minutes of sleep, one more piece of bacon in the morning before leaving for work, and extra long hugs before I start my day.
*And I’m ok with that*
However, I do still have that feeling that just one day, I want someone to burst out of one my walls and say:
‘Hey! Great job today being a mommy. I noticed that you were so busy at work that you had to pump milk while driving! How awesome are you? Superhero, one would say. Do you realize how much it means that you are making milk to nourish your baby daily? How important that is to his health? It is just so great to see you so dedicated to it. I know some days it’s hard. I know sometimes you feel like giving up. Don’t. You are strong and you can do this.
Hey, I know the decision to bring home a paycheck so that your children can have food, organic no less, on the table is difficult. I know how hard it is to leave your babies on a daily basis and spend more time at work than you do at home. And can we talk about how when you do come home, you are the most fun mom ever? I see how you push aside the stress from the day and you’re able to get down and silly with your kids, making them laugh and giggle before bedtime. I know you’re tired. I know it’s hard to hang the daily hardships outside before you come in. I think that is truly admirable.
Last night, when you actually had a line build up for your breasts. You had one baby on each boob and your 4 year old ready and waiting. She ‘tried’ it out and told you she really likes booby milk and wanted it again. I just want to say wow. You must feel like a million dollars being able to provide nutrition for all of your children! And what a beautiful, intimate time that one day, you’ll truly miss. I know how sometimes that makes you feel used. I know it hurt your feelings when your 2 year was done nursing last night, she just said done, got down and walked away. You are doing so well with her and she loves those moments more than anything else in the world.
I notice all that you do to make your family work. I know that it’s hard and sometimes, it’s not all that glamorous. I know sometimes, you realize during lunch that you have toothpaste on your shirt. (It’s ok, no one else noticed)
I just want you to know, I notice. And I’m thinking you are the best mom ever.’

Thank you to every mama out there… Working, stay at home, toothpaste shirt wearing, silly face maker… You are truly awesome.


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