The Future of Childbirth Education

It was the beginning of summer 2018 when I was just finishing off one of my birth series. My husband, Roland, suggested that I create my own curriculum and certify Childbirth Educators. My heart skipped a beat at this possibility… combining my two favorite things – birth and teaching.

I spent some time thinking about it, what it would look like, when it would take place, where we would hold the training… but the reality of it was fuzzy and seemingly unobtainable. It wasn’t until I bumped into Rebecca Joseloff at a local La Leche League Meeting when things started to come into focus. Rebecca had mentioned how she was interested in becoming a childbirth educator but all of the available methods were either too expensive or seemed like they didn’t give the teacher the ability to put their own personality into the classes.

Ding ding ding… this was it! I disclosed that we would be teaching a course at the end of the summer.

Now that the cat was out of the bag, I couldn’t turn back. I had to start to create this curriculum that I would launch in just 6 months! This, on top of planning the Red Tent Event, was a lot to handle. I was in over my head! I thank all of my lucky stars that Alex Sullivan walked into my life when she did! Alex took care of any loose ends and was always there asking what else I needed help with. She encouraged me to run a series over the summer to work out any kinks of the curriculum and I am so glad we did. It forced me to create the material, chapter after chapter, as the class ran. It was important to us that unlike other education courses, we were inclusive, detailed, evidence based, and included postpartum and newborn care. Every single day, I would wake up early and work until dinner time. My children watched way too much tv over the summer but all of the hard work and dedication paid off. By the night of August 21st, 2018, the course was complete. Good thing, because class started the next morning!

The next five days was everything I could have dreamed of and more. We had 10 students who eagerly attended each day ready to learn, some of them in their very early postpartum days! After 5 full days of class, each student was certified as a childbirth educator. We now have 12 Birth & Beyond Educators/Coaches here on Long Island!

Top row, from left to right: Emily Magee holding baby Rory, Julie Scott, Cathryn Capuano, Mechee Cherine, Rebecca Joseloff, Genesis Perdomo holding baby Kai.

Bottom row, from left to right: Nicole Malcolm with baby Teddy, Melissa Mapes Miller (Juniper not shown but spent the week with us!), Alex Sullivan with baby Malachi, Jenn Barry, Ashley Maher with baby Cora.


Each one passed their presentation and exams with flying colors and we ended our very emotional, incredible journey with a lovely ceremony. Want to know more information about becoming a CBE with Birth & Beyond? Visit our website today, and click on our Childbirth Educator link.




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