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Since 1993

Your Birth can be BEAUTIFUL!

I started this journey because of the tremendous differences of my births. I had a traumatic first birth in 2011 where I endured a cascade of interventions leading to an emergency cesarean. I don't want to say that I was naive about labor but my husband and I definitely did not know enough to advocate for our experience.

When I got pregnant with my 2nd, my provider told me that I wasn't a good candidate for a vaginal birth. I will never forget this conversation and the disappointment I held in myself and my body.

She told me my bones weren't right.

She said if my next baby was any bigger than the 7 lb 8 oz baby I already had that it would never happen.

When I threw my back out and had to go to the chiropractor, she told me that I needed to at least try to birth vaginally and that I should take a quality birth education course. That we did, and when I pushed out an 8 lb 11 oz baby through my vagina, you could imagine my surprise!

My bones do work and so does my body!

That was all it took to light a fire in my soul. I needed to share this secret with anyone and everyone who would listen to me.

Birth didn't need to be feared! Birth, when protected and respected, could be filled with power, triumph and beauty!

Allow me to serve you along your journey. We can start with quality education course, Birth & Beyond, that was developed and written by me in 2018. If you connect with me, I can continue serving you as your birth doula and complete the circle as your lactation counselor and postpartum support team.

What do you vision as your birth experience?